Comprehensive Traceability through Integrated MES

T-MICS (Trio Manufacturing In-Line Control System), is our in-house designed and developed Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Although its design is based on a traditional MES System, T-MICS also possesses some very unique features that separate it from ordinary MES Systems. T-MICS is currently protected under copyright law.

One of the most apparent features that differs T-MICS from other MES Systems is our Unit Under Test system (UUT system). The UUT system provides traceability of our products, from tracing raw materials batch to in-line productivity and quality rate. In the UUT system, labels are placed on the sub-assemblies for every product. Each label contains a 2D barcode, which is a unique ID carrying various production information like production order and batch. After every quality control test for the product through various testing equipment, including our Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Automatic Optic Inspection machines (AOI) and Burn-In machines, the test records are linked with the UUT ID.

In addition to the UUT system, there is also another system for which we have a patent request pending. It is the SMT Proof system. On our SMT production floor, the materials to be placed are too small to handle and look similar in shape: This often results in miscalculations or misuse. The SMT Proof system can locate the exact SMT materials to be used in each production order with the exact quantity.