Power Supplies

We have extensive expertise in the manufacture of power electronics and more specifically in the manufacture of custom and standard switch-mode & Linear Power Supplies for industrial and medical systems.

We can produce power supply solutions in range of 0.5W to 50KW at different grades to meet application requirements of individual industries including AC / DC power supplies, LED drivers, AC / DC battery chargers, DC / DC converters and DC / AC inverters.

With our in-house wound component design and manufacturing, we can quickly meet your specific electrical and physical requirements, especially in a high-mix/low volume situation.

Typical power solutions that we manufacture for our long-standing customers are:

  • Enclosed type Power Supply

  • Open PCB type Power Supply

  • Brick type Power Supply

  • DIN Rail Power Supply

  • LED Driver lighting Power Supply

  • Modular Power Supply

  • Rack Power Supply

  • Industrial Battery Charger

  • DC-DC Converter

Switch Mode Power Supplies

Power Converters