ATE & Burn-In Solutions

In-house ATE & Burn-In System Design and Manufacturing

The Trio PEMS Division has strong capability in the design, development and manufacturing of test, control and management systems for the electronics manufacturing sector. Our distinguished team has developed this knowledge, experience and capability through close collaboration with our customers from the European, US and Asian markets.

Our competitive strengths in this area are:

  • Our products are multi-functional & provide full traceability. Easy for management, analytical and audit purposes.
  • Standard and customized ATE & Burn-In Systems.
  • Professional hardware and software support.

The PEMS Engineering Team consists of:

  • Electronic engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Junior engineers
  • Technicians

The PEMS team has designed and manufactured auto-testers for many high-end customers who had the target requirement for error-free performance. The PEMS team has the capability to deal with a large variety of products, tight schedules and engineering complexity.