Smart Buildings & Cities

The world is moving in a smarter and more connected era. Smart and connected devices interacting with each other in smart buildings and smart cities are making the world a greener, more comfortable place.

From clean energy generation, smart and connected vehicles, infrastructure and smart buildings, we are entering the most revolutionary time of our lives. Powering the companies and products to make this all possible is in Trio Engineering’s DNA.

As an EMS provider for industrial electronics, we offer a wide range of expertise targeted towards the Smart Building and Cities industry.

Our specialities lie in the following areas:

  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Meters
  • Security Devices and Equipment
  • Safety and Emergency devices
  • Automated door controls and access systems
  • Sensors (fluid, Motion, Leak, Intrusion, etc.)
  • EV Chargers (Cars and Buses)
  • Smart Grid Components e.g. reclosers and Switching Gear